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American Academy Enrichment Center is a private education association community committed to inspiring greatness for a better world.

How a student learns may be more important than what a student learns. The journey of education requires the blending of knowledge with the process of organizing ideas and creating wisdom. Inspiring greatness nurtures lifelong learners who possess four critical attributes: a strong work ethic, moral character, a commitment to challenge the status quo and the appreciation that we belong to something greater than ourselves. The driving force behind our all-encompassing and distinctive educational program is our founding belief that the gateways to learning must be as diverse as the learners themselves. If there is one constant at American Academy, it is the meaning behind this simple, yet massively powerful statement. We at American Academy, by removing the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach to education, are bridging the gap between can't and can and breaking through the barriers that prevent students from reaching their maximum potential.

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American Academy Enrichment Center Mission

Our Mission is to empower our student members by preparing them to make their own footprints on our world by educating them and equipping them with the tools and skills they need to be good moral citizens of society and by preparing them to be effective leaders in whatever path they choose.

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Why Choose American Academy Enrichment Center?

We, at American Academy Enrichment Center, care about our student members, their families and their future. They are our future and our hope. They need a strong foundation and guidance so that they can choose their own path to help make our world a better place. American Academy Enrichment Center is here to give them the tools they need for this exciting adventure in Learning. We make learning fun for all ages by encouraging and inspiring them to become a diverse community of independent thinkers, whose academic excellence, global perspective and strength of character prepare them to make a meaningful difference in the world around them.

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We believe Every student is different whereas traditional schools treat them all the same. At American Academy Enrichment Center they will develop the confidence and independence required for college and career success to ensure they reach their limitless potential.

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What kind of curriculum does American Academy Enrichment Center use?

Curriculum at American Academy Enrichment Center starts with a curriculum that is uniquely designed only to us. We have a hands-on learning approach with a mix of Montessori, Reggio -Emilia and Waldorf. Our curriculum is specialized to meet our student member’s needs and with every core subject our members do, they have a hands-on learning project or experience to go with it and with our small class sizes of only 14 student members per classroom with one educator and a minimum of one assistant per classroom, our members are able to explore and grasp all aspects of their learning experience.


American Academy Enrichment Center Values

Parental Responsibility

AAEC, believes that parents have the primary and ultimate responsibility for the education of their children. A private school education is best achieved through an active partnership between parents and educators. The teachers may stand in place of the parents in portions of the educational process but can never usurp parental authority or responsibility.

Academic Excellence

Everyone benefits from individuals who have been taught to pursue excellence. Therefore, AAEC is committed to academic excellence, maximizing each student’s potential, to prepare students for achieving future success and reaching their given potential.

Critical Thinking

All of our thinking and decision making takes place through our morality, values and worldview. Students must be trained and learn how to think, process information, and think critically through a foundation of our morals and values to succeed in life.


Balanced Education

At AAEC, it is imperative that students learn and retain a core, foundational, body of knowledge in core subject areas such as math, science, English, and social studies at each grade level. There must also be related arts programs and extracurricular programs for the purpose of developing the total student and providing non-academic options for personal growth, creativity, and development.

Outstanding Leadership

Effective leaders are the core element in the success of any organization. The excellent organization will have and retain the best administrators, teachers, parents and staff members for the united purpose of accomplishing its goals with excellence.

American Heritage

While supporting our morals and values, we also must study, understand, appreciate and support our Constitutional American freedoms, history and values, that are based upon its American heritage.

Social and Emotional Learning at

American Academy Enrichment Center

American Academy Enrichment Center uses “My Best Me” curriculum this is the first Hope-Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) program in the world. We are pleased to bring this to our student members. The “My Best Me” curriculum contributes to the mental health and well-being of the student members while enhancing their social and emotional competencies. This unique approach develops the psycho-social skills of students through age and grade appropriate strategies that will help build adaptive and positive behavior. We do this through hope. Having hope — which can be learned — has proven to reduce the negative impact of toxic stress and build resilience against adverse childhood experiences. Hope Amplifies Emotional Intelligence Most define Hope as an optimistic outlook, but our definition of Hope is much more powerful than that. “Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today and that you have the power to make it so.” While optimism is a wish, Hope is the power and motivation to make tomorrow better than today. By teaching children this Hope, in My Best Me, we add more to Emotional Intelligence as a whole and give student members the willpower to make every day better than yesterday because they have the Hope to make it so.

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Electives available at

American Academy Enrichment Center

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What sets us apart?

Redesigned Educational system

No sex education


Hands on curriculum and core values

Handpicked Teachers who care

Elective classes

Choose from 1 day a week up to 5 days a week available.

Charter School approved

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We are pleased to bring back the lost art of Ballroom dancing and etiquette back to society and for our members at American Academy.

The course for Cotillion is set up as a 3 year program. The First Year is American style Etiquette, the second year is European style Etiquette, and the final year is international style Etiquette with each year building on itself in Etiquette, dancing and the art of communication for grades 3rd through 12th.

Our student members reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit outstanding artistic and athletic achievements while embracing the attributes of compassion and integrity.

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• All Educators, members and visitors are required to display an official membership ID to move freely within the campus. ID badges must be displayed on a lanyard at all times.

• All visitors must sign in and obtain a visitor ID badge at the main reception before proceeding to any location on campus. (Expedited security procedures will be put in place and communicated for special events.)

• AAEC parent members/guardians who volunteer in their student members classroom, on a field trip or in the library are also required to sign in and wear their official ID or obtain a temporary ID badge.

• Security, Educators, and staff personnel are directed to stop any adult not wearing a visitor ID badge and escort them to the front desk.

Security and Safety at American Academy

Safety is our primary concern; therefore, American Academy is a closed campus. Visitors and tours are by invitation only when membership is available, all visitors to campus must check in at the door with the main receptionist.

All visitors and parents/guardian’s members coming on campus will be scanned through the School Pass System, which performs an instant sex offender background check against the registered sex offender database in all 50 states. This process is mandatory for all visitors and parents/guardian’s members.

For our members safety we have cameras in all common areas as well as classrooms.

Our address is given out to members only, if you have been selected for a tour you will be granted access to the address via email only.


American Academy Enrichment Center FAQS

Who grades student members work? Educators or parents?

American Academy Educators give continuous feedback and scores during the semester with written evaluations at their conclusion. Parents and/or Educators then provide final grades.

What is the membership fee for American Academy Enrichment Center?

Please contact us for details.

What are the days and hours of American Academy Enrichment Center class schedule?

Core classes are held Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten can attend full or half days (8:30am to 11:00am or 11:30am to 3:00pm). Friday classes are from 8:30-12:00.

Are student members required to attend 5 days a week?

No, Student members are welcome to attend as little as 1 day a week and up to 5 days a week.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center require students to wear masks?

No. At American Academy, teachers, staff, nor students are required to wear masks. However, if you want your child to wear a mask, American Academy will honor your choice with kindness and respect.

How do I register?

Please email us at for a registration packet

Can I use my homeschool charter vouchers/funds to help pay for membership?

Yes, you are welcome to use your charter school funds, if you are with the following charter schools, Pacific Coast Academy, Sage Oak, Dimensions, Freedom Academy, SoCal Scholars Academy, Suncoast Prep Academy, Springs, Excel, Mission Vista, Compass Charter, Granite Mountain, Cabrillo Point Academy, Elite Academy. (All charter schools listed will be approved before summer 2024)

Can we enroll in a homeschool charter in addition to attending American Academy Enrichment Center?

Yes, of course. Educational freedom is an American Academy Enrichment Center core belief. While American Academy Enrichment Center can meet all your child’s educational needs, they may be interested in extra-curricular activities not offered at American Academy Enrichment Center. You should be able to find a homeschool charter to meet those needs.

Is American Academy Enrichment Center accredited?

No. As a Private Education Association (PEA), American Academy Enrichment Center is not recognized as a school by the state of California and cannot be accredited. However, our student members follow a typical course of study and receive a diploma just like everyone else. Also, colleges do not require applicants to attend accredited schools for acceptance.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center keep track of attendance?

No, we are not a school, so you, as a parent are required to keep track of attendance.

What is Montessori?

Kids are encouraged and empowered to become self-directed and independent learners and with learning through play.

What is Reggio Emilia?

Focuses on a child’s intellectual and emotional development. The Key is that kids are respected and honored for their potential, capabilities, and humanity.

What is Waldorf?

Aims to raise children who can be flexible learners who will think outside the box and continue to explore their intellectual and creative curiosity.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center require any vaccines?

No, we believe in medical freedom and that it is the parents' choice to decide what is best for their own child. There are no mandates or proof of vaccination requirements to attend classes.

What grades does American Academy Enrichment Center offer?

We offer TK-12TH Grade.

Can student members just take elective classes at American Academy Enrichment Center?

Yes, you can choose just to take our elective classes on Fridays with our one day a week membership.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center teach Criticial Race theory (CRT)?

No, we do not teach critical race theory.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center teach Sex education?

No, we do not teach sex education. We believe it’s the parent/guardian's job to teach this subject. We only go over the anatomy of the body in science.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center offer lunches?

No, we do not offer daily lunches. We do offer a lunch one time a week made available for an additional fee.

Is American Academy Enrichment Center a Nut free campus?

No, we are not a nut free campus, for more questions regarding allergies please contact the front desk.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center offer Graduation?

Yes, we offer graduation and promotions for all grade levels.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center offer field trips?

Yes, we offer field trips for K-12th grade.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center give out homework?

We do not believe children benefit from being overwhelmed with excessive homework. Most all work will be done during campus hours when attending 5 days a week.

What is American Academy Enrichment Centers Sick policy?

We just ask that if you are sick, to please stay home and get better.

Does American Academy Enrichment Center require your educators to be credentialed?

No, we do not require our educators to have a credential even though most of them do.

Where is American Academy Enrichment Center Located?

We are located in San Diego /La Jolla area.

Is American Academy a drop off campus?

Yes, members are dropped off and signed into campus.

Are parent members aloud to stay on campus and wait for their student member?

Parent members are always welcomed on campus for pickup and drop off or when they have arranged to come volunteer.

Can Parent member Sit in the Classroom with Their Child?

For the first week of classes, we allow parents to stay in the room if their child needs the extra support. However, parents are not permitted to sit in the class beyond this point. We have an open-door policy in place, so parents can check in on their child's progress anytime during class hours.

Why are Parent members Not Allowed in the Classroom?

Our teachers believe that having parents in the class is distracting for students, as they may become dependent on their parents' presence and not fully engage in the class activities. Additionally, allowing one parent to stay in the class could lead to other parents wanting to do the same, which would be disruptive. We are also required to conduct livescans for any adult in the classroom, which can be a costly process for parents. Lastly, if a parent brings a younger sibling to class, it may be too distracting for the other students and not fair to allow them to participate without paying.

Are there refunds for classes?

No, American Academy Enrichment Center does not offer refunds.

For more information and to qualify for a tour please email us at

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